What you can do

What you can do

You can greatly assist your child in coping with their separation anxiety and building a strong attachment by implementing strategies such as: 

  • Providing a calm routine or flow throughout the day (the ability for the child to predict what will come next using these cues is very calming and reassuring).  Using visual charts or cues is very helpful. The use of a visual timer also provides an anchor to knowing when time is passing or an activity is about to finish.
  • Keeping the child informed of what is scheduled i.e. “After breakfast we will be leaving to go to school”. 
  • Saying goodbye in a positive way, reinforcing you will be back.  
  • Giving the child your full focus when saying goodbye and hello. 
  • Having quality one-on-one time with your child daily – fill up their cup in a way that is meaningful to them, and
  • Read books about separation. An example is The Invisible String. You can take this further by creating bracelets together out of wool and wearing them (if the centre/school rules allow this).

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