The ‘Yes Zone’

The ‘Yes Zone’

One of the most effective ways to reduce frustration in your child is by making a ‘yes zone’ in the house that needs minimal adult help for the child to access. It can be as simple as setting up a few cube shelves with some toys in your living room for easy access (no big toy bins!), to setting up a ‘toileting’ area, a ‘morning tea self serve area’ or whatever feels right in your home. This is covered more extensively in my Montessori 101 course. 

The idea is that everything in this area is centred around the child and not the adult. It is a calm, safe place where the child is free to explore and choose work of their own interest at their own pace. Imagine how frustrating it would be for you to live and constantly operate in a space that was gigantic to you, like in Alice In Wonderland! Simple daily tasks like getting yourself a quick drink of water out of a 2lt cup would be exhausting, impractical and messy.

This is what everyday life is like for your child unless you take conscious steps to make it more accessible for them. You would be surprised at just how much frustration and conflict is avoided by simply doing this.

Incorporating child-sized everythings can significantly benefit children who may have low muscle tone (a common trait in autistic children) or have fine or gross motor delays. You are scaffolding them and giving them the greatest chance at success. 

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