Second Plane – Six to twelve years

Second Plane – Six to twelve years

The Reasoning Mind is most prominent in this plane with your child now using abstract thought and imagination. The child works to acquire knowledge of their culture, how to fit in a group setting and further develop moral and social consciousness. The good old “but why?” and “I can think for myself!” are catch cries at this time. Your gorgeous child is growing up and starts to detach from their home and family environment for wider social interaction with peers and friends. Children in this plane are characteristically hard workers who consciously learn through intellectual exploration, are developing moral interest and a sense of justice along with reasoning and imagination. 

Like in the first plane, your child needs security but now also movement into the outside world which can be a delicate balancing act. It is important for you to offer opportunities for your child to explore and figure out how they fit into this world. Your child is forming opinions on ethics, morality and roles in fixed society – wowser! Physical exercise is very beneficial for children in this phase. You’ll notice more excursions outside the classroom are taking place at school now, as representations within the classroom are not sufficient for these avid explorers!

Take away: Big opinions are being formed! You and your family may not feel like the number one on your child’s priority list anymore, instead being ‘replaced’ by friends. Don’t stress – your child loves and needs you more than ever. You can help your child’s self-esteem and reasoning by asking their opinions and for their input into family discussions. This is discussed in my Peaceful and Aligned Parenting course.  Be prepared for your child to suddenly become the ‘Justice Police’ in this phase though! 

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