Save Your No’s!

Save Your No’s!

How often do you hear yourself constantly saying no to your child? Think about that for a second. Set yourself a bit of a challenge and consciously observe how often you say no to your child in an hour (or morning, or day).
Astounding, isn’t it! Imagine how frustrating it would be for you if your partner, friend or boss said “NO!” to you for every single little thing you wanted to do, often for no real good reason!

Good old ‘no’ is a surefire way to rile up a child with PDA or ODD tendencies. Let’s not poke the bear, shall we!

Most of the time, adults say no to children simply because the thing doesn’t suit us, we can’t be bothered, or it is not a priority for us. Save your ‘no’s’ for when it really counts. If ‘no’ is your default answer, then we really need to push through this old pattern and change it for the greater good! You got this! Save your ‘no’s’ for when something is impossible, dangerous or absolutely cannot be facilitated at that time. This leads me to our next point – say yes – unless!

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