Natural Consequences

Natural Consequences

Consequences are also different from punishments. Consequences are known actions that are relevant to the situation that will occur if wrongdoing occurs. An example could be your child is drinking water and breaks the glass. A punishment would be yelling at them and sending them to their rooms, taking away their toys or smacking them (how ridiculous do all of those sound!).

A consequence could be that they have to help you clean up the spill. Think about it, if you, as an adult, break a glass, what do you do? You simply clean it up – that is the consequence of breaking the glass. It is the same for the child. Your friend would (likely) not yell at you or hit you for accidentally breaking their glass. In fact, they would probably offer to help you clean it up. That is a respectful and polite thing to do. So why would we treat our children any differently? They are just as worthy of our politeness and respect as a friend would be.

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