Moving into their own room

Moving into their own room

There are a lot of challenges that make up bedtimes. These range from cosleeping to moving to their own room, transitioning from a cot to a bed, moving house, changing bedrooms, stopping night feeds etc. Below are my recommendations on how to handle some of these challenges. These may not sit right for you, your child or your family and that is ok. They are food for thought. Sit with it and assess what is right and true for you. Cherry pick parts out that you like, but whatever you decide, you need to be consistent for a sustained period of time (1-2 weeks) or the inconsistency will make your child feel unsafe and insecure, which will set you all up for ‘failure’.

My recommendations: 

  • Tell the child that they will be moving towards sleeping in their own room (even if they are an infant, it is the respectful thing to do).
  • Invite older children to help decorate the new room so they feel they are part of the process and it is not being done ‘to’ them.
  • Spend time in the new room together during the day playing or reading books etc. This allows them to build a positive, safe connection with the space.
  • Start by having day naps in the new room. If transitioning a baby I would move the entire bedding into the new room with them so something feels familiar (e.g. I moved my youngest daughter into her own room at 5 months old, so I put her moses basket on her floor bed mattress for her to have the first day naps in). Once they are comfortable, move to sleeping on the new bed (in my example, my daughter then had day naps on her floor bed, not in her moses basket on top of the mattress). Once day naps are successful, move to the next step. 
  • Bed time at night in the new room. Explain that they will be sleeping in their new room at night too. I would inform them this either the day before, or after the successful day nap on the day of the transition. Base this on how anxious your child can be towards ‘new things’.
  • Start the bedtime routine as normal and tuck them into their new room.

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