• Ask yourself, “How do I feel about my child going to school or daycare? What are my true, real reasons for sending my child there? Am I doing it because others (family, friends or society) have said that I ‘should’ send my child so they can be socialised (or such), or because this genuinely feels right to me?”
  • Ask yourself, “How familiar is the centre with higher/special needs?” You can contact Autism services in your state such as Autism Queensland, AEIOU etc. to advocate on your behalf. Do observations of the centre and see how the staff interact with other higher needs children. What accommodations have been made/can they make for your child?
  • Think back to how your child has handled transitions to new environments so far. What went well and how can you replicate that now? What didn’t work out so well and what could you do differently this time?
  • What drop off routines do you think would work for your child? It’s ok to try some out and see how they work, if they don’t work then ditch it and try another strategy!

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