Fourth Plane – Eighteen to twenty four years

Fourth Plane – Eighteen to twenty four years

The fourth and final plane is characterised by “I can get it myself” and that of a “specialist explorer”. This is the plane of economic independence, construction of the spiritual and conscious discernment of right and wrong. Self-validation, the pursuit of lifelong learning and education, responsibility and active participation in the higher aspects of life mark this plane. Your adult child stops growing physically and becomes more stable. Your adult must decide how far they want to evolve, where they want to fit or belong in their culture and in humanity as a whole. Education knows no bounds. Life knows no bounds. The process of evolution never stops; from the very commencement of the first plane right through to living life in the fourth plane education should continue throughout life. There is always more to learn, more to see, more to feel and more to experience!

Take away: Enjoy! You survived! As your adult makes their own way in life it will bring new challenges, experiences and rewards for you both. Try to keep as many cringes to yourself as you can when your adult comes home with what you deem to be unsuitable piercings or hair colours or brings home some less than ideal friends or lovers. Rest in the certainty that you did your best and have provided the absolute best foundations for your adult to build the rest of their lives upon.

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