Final word

Final word

All of the above strategies must be ‘acid tested’ against your child’s capabilities. Perhaps your child struggles with sequencing and executive functioning. If you give them the ‘Sink or Swim’ strategy, they will likely sink unless you have provided extensive scaffolded help and practice in these areas first. You can’t expect a child to just get on a bike and ride it, they need to practice with training wheels first. This is the same thing. The above strategies are ‘extensions’. Every child is different, and their challenges and capabilities are unique to them. If they never get to having dazzling executive planning and functioning skills then that’s ok too.
There is nothing wrong with checklists and visual cue cards! It doesn’t make them any less of a great kid or person.

I know heaps of adults who cannot function without apps that ding at them and constantly remind them to do things. Every person is perfect just as they are. So please do not be disheartened if these strategies are out of your child’s reach and capabilities (either now or in the future).

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