Children on the Spectrum and Sharing

Children on the Spectrum and Sharing

Children on the spectrum especially find the idea of ‘sharing’ to be not only absurd but unnecessary and scary. One of the elements that form this opinion is that they cannot predict what will happen with the object/toy once it is given to the other child. Will they ever get it back? When? Will the other child be as careful with it as they are? What if it gets lost? What if it gets broken? What if the other child steals it? What if….. 

As you can see, this is super anxiety-inducing. The turn-taking strategy tends to minimise a lot of these unknowns by providing set boundaries that make the process seem safer. 

You may need to scaffold your child more in this process and stick to setting up ‘opportunities’ for turn-taking within your family at home so the process can be role modelled and learnt in advance before taking it out into the general public, which is a huge step forward.

It’s now time for some reflection homework. 

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