3-6 years old

3-6 years old

All of the activities for 0-3 are prerequisites before moving onto these activities.

Visual activities (e.g. cylinder blocks 1-4 then combined, pink tower, knobless cylinders 1-4 then combined, colour tablets 1-3, geometric cabinet, constructive triangles 1-4 then blue 1 and 2, tessellations, binomial cube, trinomial cube, square of pythagoras), tactile activities (e.g. use of blindfolds, touch boards, touch tablets, fabric boxes, baric/weights, pressure cylinders, thermic bottles, geometric solids, mystery bags, sorting trays), auditory activities (e.g. listening games, percussion instruments, rhymes and songs, sound boxes, bells – carrying, striking, scale, matching then grading, types of music), gustatory activities (e.g. tasting), olfactory activities (e.g. smelling activities).

Number rods, sandpaper numbers, number rods and cards, spindle box, cards and counters, memory game and zero, bead bars/stair, teen/ten/hundreds boards, number chains, operations – static and dynamic, snake game, multiplication board, strip board, stamp game, small bead frame, racks and tubes, dot game, fraction skittles, fraction insets, time, simple measurements and scales, bar graphs and word problems.

Gross Motor:
Movement on the line, balancing, silence game, movement in space, throwing, catching, climbing.

Practical Life and Food:
Care of self (e.g. scrubbing nails, putting on and taking off shoes), care of environment (e.g. care of animals, washing clothes, ironing, window washing), food (e.g. cooking), grace and courtesy (e.g. meal etiquette, audience behaviour, ‘how to’…), safety skills (e.g. hygiene, sun safety, water safety, fire safety, road safety, basic ‘stranger danger’).

People of different countries, flags, land/water/air, land and water globe, land and water forms and cards, continents globe, puzzle maps, nomenclature cards.

Living/non-living, plant puzzles, leaf cabinet and cards, parts of plants cards, collecting specimens, growing from seeds, nomenclature cards.

Animal kingdom, care of animals, observing life cycles, zoology puzzles, external parts cards (mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, amphibians, invertebrates), external parts cards (human body), nomenclature cards.

Seasons, calendars, weather, solar system, personal timeline, nomenclature cards.

Importance of water and air, properties of liquids, sinking/floating, wind and air, magnetism, compass, electricity, light and shadow, sound, the arch, problem solving.

Oral (e.g. participate in discussions, oral news/stories, follows instructions, listens in group setting, poems and rhymes, question game, identifying characters in stories), preparation for writing/reading (e.g. I spy, metal insets – shapes, shading and then designs, sandpaper letters, nomenclature cards, sequencing), writing and written expression (e.g. writing single letters/numerals, writing own name, has correct pencil grip, moveable alphabet – large then small, letter box, written question game, using a simple dictionary), reading (e.g. object boxes, boxes – pictures and labels, action cards, environment cards, puzzle words, nomenclature cards, books, functions games, phonograms/word study cards, animal families).

Arts and Technology:
Separating, cutting, folding, joining/pasting, weaving, colour mixing, drawing, painting, printing, collage, modelling, art cards, music appreciation, movement and dance, dramatic play.

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