Are you craving more ease, more respectful ways to parent, less mess and chaos and more grounded activities and invitations to play that actually benefit your child and their development? Yes?

Perhaps you find Montessori a bit mysterious or you’ve heard of it on the grapevine but not sure what’s fact or fiction?

Get the low down on the facts right here!

Discover how Montessori can absolutely revolutionise your family and home – and no I’m not exaggerating! Montessori changed how I parent, how I live my daily life and how my children experience life – it was literally life changing for all of us and I believe it will be for you too.

Mama, I get it.
I’ve been there, right where you are now.
I know the constant frustrations of trying to parent and doing ‘all the right things’ but nothing is working, or it works for a little bit then all of a sudden everything is going down like a lead balloon, the kids are bored and the house is trashed. I hear you!


All those other mainstream parenting books and courses have great strategies but they don’t work for YOUR child or maybe those strategies don’t feel quite right and you just can’t put your finger on exactly why.

What if I told you that introducing Montessori elements into your home and parenting can bring you:

  • A happier, calmer child (yes – reducing or even removing those overwhelming big behaviours – imagine that!)
  • a child that is more confident, capable and resilient ;
  • a better relationship and understanding of your child and their development (why they
    are doing what they are doing!);
  • an improved entire family dynamic as a whole (including the relationship with your partner) due to less conflict and frustrations in the home);
  • a more peaceful, connected and resilient mindset and life;
  • less mess and chaos in the house;

A quick note to Mama,

If you have an autistic child, a child with ADHD, anxiety or Pathological Demand Avoidance then I recommend you check out my Parenting 101: Simple Strategies for Successfully Parenting Autistic Kids and Those Who Don’t Fit in The Box course which is similar to this course but has EXTRA strategies for our neurodivergent superheroes and EXTRA information relevant to parenting additional needs children.

In this course we cover:

  • Why Montessori is so beneficial for both you and your child
  • Ages and stages of childhood development
  • ‘Sensitive Periods’ of learning 
  • Types of attachments and separation anxiety
  • Daily routines, transitions and stress free mornings
  • Transitioning to Daycare or School
  • Toilet Learning and Elimination Communication (no nappies!)
  • Dealing with bedtimes and sleep
  • Minimising Conflict
  • Freedom within limits 
  • Creating Independence in your child
  • Rewards, Punishments and Self Discipline 
  • Praise vs Acknowledgement
  • Sharing vs Turn Taking 
  • Types of Play, Repetition and Free Choice 
  • Self Worth and Body Image
  • How to Montessori your home 
  • Montessori activities 
  • Other variations, extensions and valuable activity ideas, shelf ideas and inspiration and more that you can utilise in your own house right away!

You will leave this course feeling refreshed, energised, with new perspectives, knowledge and strategies to implement with your child. You will also feel confident in providing your child with the best opportunities to grow and develop. This course is going to give you the tools to better understand your child, their needs and how to meet those.

BM (before Montessori) my house was chaotic and filled with random ‘junk’ toys that didn’t add fun or value to anyone – certainly not my child! My daughter and I constantly butted heads and conflict was high. After introducing Montessori into our home – in the actual home layout, parenting styles and activities I noticed that things just started to flow easily. There were hardly any ‘tantrums’ or fights. The mess disappeared. My daughter’s concentration grew and she was happier within herself as a whole. It was truly profound.

I am living proof that using Montessori methods can completely change the entire tone and flow of your family, as are the many other families that I have worked with.

Coming to this page to learn more already speaks to your commitment to making these changes in your home. I’m here to support you in making Montessori part of your everyday life – this course is for you!

What's included inside this course?

Next Level knowledge

All the online know-how that you need to step into this new, amazing chapter of your parenting journey from someone who actually gets it and has/is living it (and is also officially qualified in this subject matter)!


A community to support you and share your thoughts and feelings through a private Facebook group filled with like minded mums – a judgement free zone!!

Group Coaching

6 group coaching sessions delivered by zoom to really BOOST your knowledge. This is your opportunity to get all your parenting questions answered by me. Each session is tailored to the mums attending the group.

Lifetime access

Once you’ve signed up, you can access the course forever! You can refer back to strategies as you need them – easy peasy!

Mamas, let's be honest though… let's talk about who this course isn't for:

What do I know?

It’s never too late to shift your family dynamic—it all starts with you, Mama, right now! So what are you waiting for?

What do I know you ask?

A lot, mama. I get where you’re at and what you’re going through because I’ve been there.
Hi, I’m Amanda, and I am a Parenting and Family Lifestyle Consultant, I am also a qualified Montessori educator and certified Life Coach.
But more than that, I am a single mama to two beautiful autistic girls aged 10 and 4. I have seen my entire family dynamic shift through implementing the strategies that I will guide you through in this course.
I have combined my lived experience with my extensive education working with both children and adults to create this course just for you. It’s real and it works.
I have worked with countless families to shift patterns, habits, and behaviours that do not align with how they truly want to live, to living a family life that they love and that energises them all—not drains them. The Montessori philosophy literally changed my life—let it change yours too!

to expand your horizons and create a peaceful home environment using the Montessori method


I know you are busy (I’m a single mama of two myself!), but change begins with intention, commitment and prioritising your family. This course is delivered online, divided into 18 easy to digest modules and is self paced. You could easily do the entire course in one hit if you get addicted and can’t stop, or space it out and do it when it suits you. Either way is completely fine. It can fit into your lifestyle and Mum Life commitments! The results will be reflective of your investment to implement these key strategies in your home.

Think about it this way though, you can’t put a price on an ease filled, connected family life. Alternatively, what is the cost if you don’t act now and things continue as they are now…?

You can reach out or seek advice from like minded Mamas in our private online facebook group or have your questions answered in our group coaching sessions.

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If what you have tried so far isn’t working, the time is now to try a different approach – a Montessori approach. What have you got to lose?

We know the Parenting Simply 101 course will be of benefit to you and your family. There are no refunds offered for this course.

My free material has been designed to provide thought-provoking content to help show you what is possible and start you on your journey to a connected, thriving family. The Parenting Simply 101 course takes this information to a deeper level, and gives practical tools and tactics to implement in your day to day life.

“I hadn’t come across Montessori before this course and wow! As a woman who hasn’t started a family yet (but working towards it), I found working through the course gave me a lot of confidence and a feeling of support! I grew up in a bit of a dysfunctional space and held a lot of fear around starting a family, but have fallen in love with the Montessori principles! The course is full of so much great information and tips.”
27th March 2022

Total Price:


(yes, only $623AUD – it’s not a typo! Click the icon to buy now!

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