Learning at it’s finest

I remember back to grade 9 at school when we were learning about types of rocks – not my favourite subject! Information about rocks is forever cemented in my mind because my genius science teacher, Mr Shyne, knew the concept of full body learning and set us the task of making each type of ‘rock’ …

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Exhausted by your child’s constant nagging?

Does your child’s nagging, whinging and whining feel absolutely relentless and never ending? They just seem to never quit no matter what you do? It’s super frustrating and exhausting to have your conversations constantly interrupted and their same request repeated over and over again like a broken record. You wonder what is even the point …

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Kids and moving houses

Moving house when you have little ones can be a stressful time. People often underestimate the amount of stress it causes in the children as well. Even moving the layout of a room in your house can cause upset. This is due to it upsetting your little ones sense of safety, security and ‘anchor points’ …

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The dreaded haircut…

Sensory issues and autism can make some experiences overwhelming – haircuts being one of them! Think of all the elements that go into getting a haircut – the loud hairdryers, bright lights, product smells, fabric of cape, new people etc. It’s a lot! It’s a lot for any young child! A while back I was …

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Why the rocking base?

Ever wondered why the plastic rings have a rocking base? Most people set it up how it is pictured below- rocking side to side. BUT, it should be set up so it rocks forwards and back away from your little bubba. Why? Because little bubbas don’t have the flexibility and control in their wrists to …

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Good morning Lovelies

Hi mamas! Thank you for joining me, I am so honoured that you are here. I share content, information and inspiration on topics relating to self work, family life, Montessori, Autism and simple intentional living. If you are new to my world, here is a little bit about me- I am a single mama of …

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