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Everything Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a topic can that raise a lot of questions and certainly a lot of opinions – there’s so many myths and misconceptions out there! Here’s my two cents worth on homeschooling… I started homeschooling my eldest daughter (10) when it became apparent that she wasn’t thriving in a school environment. Her anxiety grew …

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Drop the ‘should’ – it’s no good!

Drop the “should” – it’s no good!!!! When you hear yourself thinking or saying “I should do xyz” this means that you are applying someone else’s expectations onto yourself. These external influences could be from ‘society’, your upbringing and old limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve you. “Should” means you are doing …

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Kids and moving houses

Moving house when you have little ones can be a stressful time. People often underestimate the amount of stress it causes in the children as well. Even moving the layout of a room in your house can cause upset. This is due to it upsetting your little ones sense of safety, security and ‘anchor points’ …

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Raise your vibe instantly

Not all blog posts are long! Here’s a quick life hack: Simply turn negative statements into positive ones! Easy as that! ❌ sorry I’m late Turns into ✅ thanks for waiting for me! ❌sorry I kept you waiting ✅ thanks for being patient Or for the kids: ❌stop running in the house ✅ walk inside …

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Boost your health naturally (and some sneaky academics for the kiddos)!

In our household we always turn to natural alternatives first. Medications and the healthcare system absolutely have their place but for us they are not our number one go to.  We utilise healthy organic eating, movement (walks, bike riding, hiking, yoga etc), probiotics, supplements via our naturopath, regular chiropractic care, acupuncture for me and using …

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“Clutter is nothing more postponed decisions.” – Declutter and Simplify!

Let go of all the clutter that no longer serves you. Clutter could be physical – too much ‘stuff’ in your home around you. Clutter could also be too much technology, too many social commitments, too much on your mind and too many toys (adults and kids alike!). Simplify your life! Be intentional with what …

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Good morning Lovelies

Hi mamas! Thank you for joining me, I am so honoured that you are here. I share content, information and inspiration on topics relating to self work, family life, Montessori, Autism and simple intentional living. If you are new to my world, here is a little bit about me- I am a single mama of …

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