Services Available

One on One Consultations

Do you prefer a stable predictable routine or prefer to go with the flow – either is great (I’ve done each option with each of my children)! Do you breastfeed or bottle feed – I’ve done both! Is your little one in nappies but are getting ready to toilet train, or do you prefer to use EC (elimination communication – no nappies) – great, I’ve done both as well! Do you use cots or floor beds – either works! Some common issues I get asked to help and mentor with are:

  • Behavioural issues (including: interrupting, power plays, ignoring, tantrums, meltdowns etc)
  • Sleep issues
  • Toileting help
  • Feed time battles
  • Helping your child transition to a new living arrangement (moving house, parents separating/divorce, new partners, step-parents, siblings, a parent who works FIFO or is on military deployments etc)
  • Practical day to day advice and strategies to help you cope with your child’s diagnosis such as ASD, ADHD etc

Usually one session will be enough to give you the tools you need and get you back on track. If you do need follow up help these sessions can be worked out in a package that is individual to you. Maybe you need another session (or a half hour phone call), maybe a week of email/text help will get you through. Maybe you need one session per week for a few weeks then one session per month after that (bulk discounts are available). Whatever your needs, I am here to help you through.

Attendance at Mothers/Parents’ Groups, community groups, etc

Need me to come for a one (or two) off session with your mother’s group, playgroup or kindy staff? I am available to facilitate question and answer informal type sessions or more structured session on a specific topic (for example how to handle your wording when addressing higher needs children in your childcare centre to minimise opposition and reduce meltdowns). Prices vary depending on needs, please send me a message for more information

Pricing Overview

Servicing Caboolture and surrounds and lower Sunshine Coast. Other areas POA.

One on One Consultations

$75 per one hour session by phone, skype/Instagram video or onsite. Travel to your location for in home visits may incur a travel fee- location dependent, billed on time taken to travel).

You may have no out of pocket expense if your child has received NDIS funding and your plan is self managed, please contact for further information.

Attendance at Mothers/Parents’ Groups, community groups, etc

Individual pricing as per individual needs, please contact for more information.