Parenting 101: Simple strategies for successfully parenting autistic kids and those who don’t fit in the box


This course will revolutionise your view about autism, transform your family and household into a peaceful and loving environment and help you reconnect to your child through proven, practical strategies in just 12 weeks.

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Mama, I get it. I’ve been there, right where you are now. I know the constant frustrations of trying to parent and doing ‘all the right things’ but nothing is working. All those other mainstream parenting books and courses have great strategies but they don’t work for YOUR child and that just feels even more overwhelming and makes you feel like you’re failing. I know what it’s like to feel disconnected from friends and family, and even from your own child. You feel like everyone is judging you and your parenting, especially when your child has another epic meltdown in public and all those eyes are on you. All the big behaviours and big feelings just feel never ending. It’s ok, Mama. I know how it feels because I was there. Right where you are now and I get it.

What if I told you that you could truly have:

  • A happier, calmer child (yes – reducing or even removing those overwhelming big behaviours – imagine that!)
  • A child that is more confident, capable, resilient and is better equipped to make meaningful social connections (friends) in a way that suits them
  • A better relationship and understanding of your child
  • An improved entire family dynamic as a whole (including the relationship with your partner)
  • A more peaceful, connected and resilient mindset and life
  • Confidence in yourself and your parenting abilities because you have a truckful of scripts, strategies and back up plans in place to deal with situations as they arise (and even prevent most things before they even happen!)

You can have all these things, Mama. You are so capable, you just need some guidance in the right direction – an autism and neurodivergent direction, which is exactly what you will get in this course.

You will learn how to deal well with the uncertainty and how to  be adaptable and flexible in the neurodivergent parenting world. This course is a container, a safe space to learn the truth about autism and I am going to give you techniques and strategies to deal with your child the way they are, not the way they ‘should’ be. This is not just a parenting course, there’s millions of those out there. This is a parenting course for autistic and neurodivergent families, this is next level as the other stuff doesn’t cut it for our kids – I know, I have two beautiful autistic daughters!

 In Parenting 101 you will master: 

  • How to go down the path of a diagnosis, what that means and how to break the news with your child, family, friends and society (and scripts for how to deal with unsolicited advice, comments etc from society like ‘everyone is a little bit autistic’, they don’t ‘look’ autistic etc)
  • Overcome the common myths that surround autism (eg low functioning, high functioning and ‘spectrum’, the two ‘camps’ of autism)
  • How to advocate for your child
  • If and how to tell your child that they are autistic
  • How to use montessori tools and strategies to improve the quality of your parenting
  • Why the strategies you’ve tried so far don’t work and how to change them
  • How to help your child in social situations eg  making friends, sharing and turn taking
  • Create a daily flow that works for you and your higher needs child
  • Reduce separation anxiety and cope with transitions to school/daycare
  • Minimise conflict and handle ‘undesirable’ behaviours in a neurodivergent friendly way
  • End bedtime battles peacefully without ‘sleep training’ or ‘cry it out’
  • Have successful toileting (including Elimination Communication)

Learn about other parenting topics such as

  • Freedom vs limits
  • Praise vs acknowledgement
  • Creating independence, self worth and positive body image
  • Much more!

What we will cover

*Although the course modules are self-paced, there will be fortnightly group coaching sessions via Zoom (which will also be recorded for the busy mamas!)

Module 1 – What is neurodiversity?
Learn what ‘neurodiversity’ is, the differences between autistic girls and boys, how to get a diagnosis, what do do after your child receives a diagnosis (the practical stuff and the feelings stuff), the pros and cons of telling your child about their diagnosis and how to talk to family, friends and strangers about your child’s diagnosis.

Module 2 – Types of attachments and separation anxiety
Explore the types of emotional attachments and parenting bonds, and how to reduce separation anxiety if it arises.

Module 3 – Daily routines, transitions and stress free mornings
Learn about why having a daily flow (aka routine) reduces meltdowns, how to transition between activities/times of day successfully and how to create stress free mornings for everyone!

Module 4 – Minimising Conflict
A chock filled chapter on how to minimise conflict in your home to nip ‘problem behaviours’ in the bud!

Module 5 – Freedom within limits
A beautiful Montessori concept which reduces conflict and promotes independence for your child

Module 6 – Creating Independence
Oodles of strategies and ideas for you to help your child increase their independence (hint – this means less meltdowns and tantrums!!!)

Module 7 – Rewards, Punishments and Self Discipline
A loaded chapter which opens the lid to what these actually mean and why traditional parenting methods just don’t work for our neurodivergent kids.

Module 8 – Praise vs Acknowledgement
A Montessori take on something we were likely brought up with and how it is likely impacting your child in ways you may not have expected…

Module 9 – Sharing vs Turn Taking
A big mindset shift for lots of parents and greatly helps your child to confidently form relationships and deal with conflict in the playground (and for you too!)

Module 10 – Types of Play, Repetition and Free Choice
More Montessori goodness to take your parenting perspectives to the next level and reduce frustration and conflict in the home (for both you and your child!).

Module 11 – Self Worth and Body Image
Such important topics to cover in today’s society and ways to help our children be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Module 12 – Transitioning to Daycare or School
Simple, practical strategies for these big moments in your and your child’s life and the psychology behind it.

Module 13 – Toileting and Elimination Communication
Toilet learning – not toilet training – strategies, tips and prepare to have your mind blown if you’ve never heard of Elimination Communication!

Module 14 – Bedtimes
A doozy of a chapter covering a range of ‘bedtime’ topics to help you reduce the stress and overwhelm of this often epic time of the day!


What's included?

All the support you need to step into this new, amazing chapter of your parenting journey from someone who actually gets it and has/is living it!

A community to support you and share your thoughts and feelings through a private Facebook group filled with like minded mums – a judgement free zone!!

Recorded sessions
To do whenever you want and from wherever you need. Our fortnightly Zoom group coaching will be recorded so you can watch and rewatch when it suits you.

Lifetime access
Once you’ve signed up, you can access the course forever! You can refer back to strategies as you need them – easy peasy!

Audio recordings
For busy mums like us, we don’t always have time to sit and read content – never fear! All course content is audio recorded so you can listen to it out and about or as you do the dishes. I got you, Mama!

Deepening your transformation into your parenting journey wouldn’t be complete without BONUS content would it?!…

  • Bonus  mindfulness information session delivered by Calmer Kids – Mindfulness/ Yoga experts
  • Bonus mini coaching session from Joline G, a master women’s confidence coach and fellow autism mama. 
  • A ‘mum and me’ colouring activity designed for participants of this course specifically, illustrated by Emma from Potter and Joy (an artist and support worker to folks of all ages and walks of life!)

Total price = $623 – which includes the bonus material that you literally cannot get anywhere else!

Mamas, let’s be honest though… let’s talk about who this course isn’t for:

  • People that are not willing to change their parenting style and strategies

  • People that aren’t willing to go deep and examine themselves and their perceptions

  • People just looking for a magic pill or quick fix (hint – they don’t exist)

  • People looking to ‘fix’ their child instead of understanding and accepting them and helping them become their best version of themselves that they can be


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Amanda!

I am a qualified Montessori educator and certified Life Coach, I am also a single mama to two beautiful autistic girls aged 10 and 4. I have seen my entire family dynamic shift through implementing the strategies that I will guide you through in this course. I have combined my lived experience with my extensive education working with both children and adults to create this course just for you. It’s real and it works. My girls and I have never been happier and more connected, we are no longer just surviving – we are thriving!

I have worked with countless families to shift patterns, habits and behaviours that do not align with how they truly want to live, to living a family life that they love and that energises them all – not drains them.It’s never too late to shift your family dynamic – it all starts with you Mama, right now! So what are you waiting for?


I’m not sure this is going to work for me…
I’m too busy!
I know you are busy, but change begins with intention, commitment and prioritising your family. This neurodivergent-specific parenting course has a minimum time investment of roughly 1 hour per week for group coaching and approximately 1 hour per week to work through the course materials, which is delivered in both a written and audio format depending on how best you learn. This is the minimum, however how deep you dive is up to you. The results will be reflective of your investment.

What if there’s too much information or I feel overwhelmed?
The course is divided into 12 easy to digest chapters that you can work through at your own pace. You also have the weekly group coaching zoom which allows you to seek clarity on anything covered in that week’s content. The course is delivered in both written and audio formats, so you can access it however suits you best.

I’m not sure about the cost
If your child has funding through NDIS it is likely you will be able to claim this course if it aligns with your child’s goals and you are self or plan managed. Be sure to complete your child’s NDIS participant number when you enrol in the course so you can claim it from your funding.

Think about it this way though, you can’t put a price on an ease filled, connected family life. Alternatively, what is the cost if you don’t act now and things continue as they are now…?

What if I don’t understand something in your online course?
You can reach out in our fortnightly weekly coaching sessions or seek advice from like minded Mamas in our private online facebook group.

Nothing else I’ve tried/purchased has worked, why would this course?
This is not regular parenting advice, this is tried and tested neurodivergent friendly parenting advice. You have the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity on your specific family situations in the group coaching each week unlike a standard parenting course in which it is general advice only. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If what you have tried so far isn’t working, the time is now to try a different approach. What have you got to lose?

Can I find the information that you share elsewhere in the big wide world?
No, my experience is unique to me! I believe in Montessori methodology, following the child and meeting the child where they are – I’m an autism advocate (I do not endorse strategies such as ABA that try to make the child fit into society in a way that squashes who they are as an autistic person). You will also be joining a community of like minded mums who can boost each other up and build lasting friendships.

How is what you tell me any different to what all the others have been telling me?
These are parenting strategies for neurodivergent children specifically. I combine tools and strategies with coaching experience and walk alongside you via group coaching which is more likely to result in sustained change. Developed by an autistic woman (me!), who is also a mother of autistic girls. I can relate to both the mother and the child. That’s a pretty unique place of experience to be!

The time of group coaching doesn’t work for me/I’m overseas.
All our group coaching sessions will be recorded and available to watch and rewatch at a time that suits you. If you can’t make a session, make sure to email in any questions to me the day prior so I can answer them in the session for you to watch when you are ready.

How do I request a refund?
We know the Parenting Course will be of benefit to you and your family. There is a 24 hour cooling off period in which you can request a refund from the time you sign up and pay. After the cooling off period, no refunds will be offered.

Why should I pay for your course when I can just use your free stuff?
My free material has been designed to provide thought-provoking content to help show you what is possible and start you on your journey to a connected, thriving family. The Parenting 101 Course takes this information to a deeper level, and gives practical tools and tactics to implement in your day to day life. The group coaching sessions are also invaluable as you will have the opportunity to build connections with like-minded mums, as well as receive direct access to me and my wealth of experience.



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