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You have learned so much about Montessori! Well done!

I am so proud of you!

What’s next?

If you need more help or want to stay in touch, check out some additional offers I have for you. 

Montessori Parenting

If you loved this course, you will LOVE my Parenting Simply 101 course.

It is jam-packed with everything you need to know about parenting in a gentle, connected way that respects your child and their development. I cover all aspects of parenting such as:

  • Creating a daily flow that works for you
  • Reducing separation anxiety and coping with transitions to school/daycare
  • Minimising conflict and handling ‘undesirable’ behaviours
  • Ending bedtime battles
  • Successful toileting (including Elimination Communication)
  • Creating a Montessori space in your home

You will also learn about other parenting topics such as:

  • Sharing vs turn taking
  • Praise vs acknowledgement
  • Creating independence, self worth and positive body image
  • Much more!

This course is jam packed to the brim with nuggets of wisdom that you can use right away! Imagine having the beautiful, loving, calmer, more connected family dynamic that you’ve always dreamt of? You can! This course teaches you how – jump in now to get started!

For those mamas who have children with additional needs I’ve got you covered! You can still have a Montessori parenting approach, learn how in Parenting 101. It is loaded with everything you need to know about parenting and is specifically tailored to children with additional needs such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, a Deeply Feeling child, PDA, ODD and more! (Your child doesn’t need to have a diagnosis for this course to be amazing for you – it just contains EXTRA parenting strategies to cope with these factors).

You will learn simple strategies for a happier, connected, more peaceful and blissed out household. I cover all aspects of parenting that are covered in Parenting Simply 101 with modifications or extra info for our additional needs kiddos.

Note: If you have NDIS funding it is likely that you will be able to claim this course in it’s entirety with no out of pocket gap. Contact me if you require a specific invoice for this.

Want even more?

Sign up for 1:1 coaching with me to really supercharge your newly learned knowledge and implement it in your home! This is the fast track that is specific to YOU and your family. Held face to face or online via zoom, click here to view coaching packages available.

Did you know that I also go into family homes and help ‘Montessori’ their houses? I do! I love it! If you are local to North Brisbane or lower Sunshine Coast I can come to your house and revolutionise it in no time! For all areas outside of this, I can assist you by zoom for the same outcome – a functional, clutter free home that flows and exudes calm! Ah the serenity! Click here to chat more about this and book me in!

Individual Consultation

I love helping mama’s and giving specific advice, strategies, tips and tricks for your little ones. You can book a time with me to work through challenges you are having. I provide tailored advice for your needs.  Contact me via the link below, or click the “Book a consult” button to the right!

Stay In Contact

Mama, I have loved having you as part of this course and would LOVE to stay in touch. 

My blog is full of more information, advice, strategies etc. that will keep you updated on all things parenting for your child/ren on the spectrum and Montessori.

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