Children’s Development: Ages and Stages of Development

Planes of Development

Wouldn’t it be so great if your child came with some kind of manual so you knew what to expect next? Sorry Mama, but no such manual exists, well at least I haven’t been able to find it! But don’t despair because I can give you the next best thing! 

You actually can predict roughly what your child is going to experience next – which means you can be a bit more prepared and not completely blindsided – how’s that for a confidence boost, Mama! How? By learning your child’s developmental stages.

If you’ve ever read the popular book ‘The Wonder Weeks’ by Frans X. Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt or downloaded the App (I highly recommend having a read – it’s fascinating!), you will know that babies and children go through predictable periods of mental development. Babies do indeed go through these mental leaps and with those leaps come periods of ‘stormy’ behaviour as they consolidate their new knowledge. Mental leaps don’t just stop with babies though, they progress right through to the age of 24! Let me explain…

There are four main umbrella stages (or ‘planes’) of development and each plane is quite different to the last. Each stage, or plane, follows a predictable pattern in which the child or person practices and repeats the learning, then towards the end of each stage this need to practice is intensified; it then consolidates into understanding and then tapers off to the next phase of learning.

In the next four topics, we are going to look more into these stages of development.

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