Why the rocking base?

Ever wondered why the plastic rings have a rocking base? Most people set it up how it is pictured below- rocking side to side. BUT, it should be set up so it rocks forwards and back away from your little bubba. Why? Because little bubbas don’t have the flexibility and control in their wrists to …

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Having ‘one of those days’? Here’s how to reset

Sometimes when you are having one of ‘Those Days’ where the little ones are going crazy and everything is going wrong and you are feeling overwhelmed (aka you are out of alignment), you need to take a deep breath and think about YOU. Yes, YOU, not the little ones.  It is impossible to be connected …

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“Clutter is nothing more postponed decisions.” – Declutter and Simplify!

Let go of all the clutter that no longer serves you. Clutter could be physical – too much ‘stuff’ in your home around you. Clutter could also be too much technology, too many social commitments, too much on your mind and too many toys (adults and kids alike!). Simplify your life! Be intentional with what …

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Having autism vs being autistic

For us in our family we take the viewpoint that autism isn’t something to be ‘had’ it’s something we ‘are’. This changes the perspective from the negative something ‘had’, (a disorder/disease/disability etc) to something that in our view is a superpower, amazing and part of our very identity (with some challenges, yes). This may also …

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Good morning Lovelies

Hi mamas! Thank you for joining me, I am so honoured that you are here. I share content, information and inspiration on topics relating to self work, family life, Montessori, Autism and simple intentional living. If you are new to my world, here is a little bit about me- I am a single mama of …

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