Learning at it’s finest

I remember back to grade 9 at school when we were learning about types of rocks – not my favourite subject! Information about rocks is forever cemented in my mind because my genius science teacher, Mr Shyne, knew the concept of full body learning and set us the task of making each type of ‘rock’ …

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Everything Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a topic can that raise a lot of questions and certainly a lot of opinions – there’s so many myths and misconceptions out there! Here’s my two cents worth on homeschooling… I started homeschooling my eldest daughter (10) when it became apparent that she wasn’t thriving in a school environment. Her anxiety grew …

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Exhausted by your child’s constant nagging?

Does your child’s nagging, whinging and whining feel absolutely relentless and never ending? They just seem to never quit no matter what you do? It’s super frustrating and exhausting to have your conversations constantly interrupted and their same request repeated over and over again like a broken record. You wonder what is even the point …

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Autism and Sensory Issues

Let’s talk clothing and sensory issues! It’s coming into autumn here which means it’s moving towards prime time for Miss V’s clothing sensitivity gremlins to rear their heads.  Many autistic children have sensory issues and every child is different. Each day can also vary depending on their emotional state (the higher the anxiety the higher …

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Be you and everything that entails. Wear the things (and don’t wear the other things) that align with you. It doesn’t matter what ‘They’ say (and who really is ‘They’ anyway!!), if it fits you, it feels comfortable, you feel confident and blissed out and like you are rocking it – then wear it!!!!! A …

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