About Me

I am a qualified life coach for mamas, a Montessori educator and a single mother of two beautiful girls. I am especially lucky that both my daughters have super powers — they are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. There is never a dull moment in my household and I suspect that both my strong willed girls will be changing and revolutionising the world in years to come!

I have created a beautiful, simple, minimalistic and aligned lifestyle with my girls. We are out in nature having adventures and making memories each and every day. Helping mamas to live their most aligned best lives too and not just survive -but thrive is my absolute passion and lights me up! I like to think that I’m changing the world one family at a time!

Before becoming a life coach I taught in two highly respected Montessori schools as Parent-Toddler Programs Director and relief taught in Cycle One/Early Years classrooms (ages 3-6 years). I have spent time in Infant Communities (15 months to 3 years) and also in a Montessori Nido Community (for babies 6 weeks to 15 months old). Can you tell how much I love the early years of childhood development – they are the years in which all foundations are built!

I believe you never quit learning and I love continuously levelling up in my personal development and skills. I have formal qualifications for training and teaching both adults and children alike. Some of my qualifications are:

  • Master Life Coach (specialising in Happiness, Life Purpose, Goal Success and Professional coaching)
  • Diploma of Early Childhood and Primary Education (Specialising in Montessori 0–3 Years)
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate III in Supervision and Management
  • Positive Parenting Program
  • Functional Behavioural Assessment
  • Blue Card
  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
  • Circle of Security

I am in love with the life I have created for myself and for my girls, and you too can have the blissed out life you have always dreamt of – let me show you how!