Mess, Mess and More Mess…


Are you sick and tired of living in mess? Have you forgotten what colour your carpet is because it’s hidden under piles of toys, kids clothes and stuff? Does the thought of cleaning up the toys just so they can be dumped back out again make you want to up and run for the hills? I hear you. You’ve just described my worst nightmare! (Literally, I’d probably self destruct in two seconds!)

I know what it feels like to be surrounded by a never ending pile of stuff, and be completely overwhelmed by the amount of toys the kids have – half of which they don’t even use amiright?!

There is another way, mama. For real. I know because I completely shifted the entire flow of my household with this method, as have countless other families I have worked with.

Let me introduce the Montessori philosophy. The Montessori philosophy is absolutely brilliant for bringing ease, simplicity and space to your home. It also has the added bonus of reducing tantrums, frustrations and conflicts with your children. Why? Because it’s simple and it works to create an environment of flow and accessibility for the child and a chilled vibe for the adults. It’s also visually appealing – winning!

It doesn’t matter the size of your house – I lived for years in a tiny house on wheels with my girls, remember – it will work for you. The change that it brings about for your family is profound.

I created Montessori 101, an online course to help families have access to the Montessori philosophy in an easy to understand way, to assist them in creating an easeful home environment and providing tons of activity ideas to keep the kids busy and learning from birth to six years. Read here to learn more about it. It’s self paced, you get lifetime access to the content – you can go at your own pace without pressure.

For those of you who want to SUPERCHARGE things and accelerate your Montessori-ness, I have created MONTESSORI DEEP DIVE.

In Montessori Deep Dive not only do you get the Montessori 101 online course, but you also get 4 weeks of group coaching to get my eyes and knowledge on YOU and YOUR family pronto!!! There are limited places for this flash deal and enrolments close the first week of August so get in quick! Did I mention it’s only $350AUD!! That’s only $240USD (aprox) for my international mums! Crazy right! Send me a message on instagram, facebook or email me to learn more or to secure your place for this one!

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