Emergency situations and kids

Hi guys

You might have seen my video on instagram today about the car rollover accident that happened in front of us on the highway today, blocking the whole highway.

If you haven’t seen it, the gist of the story is that Miss S and I couldn’t really do much to help (other nearby drivers had got the family out) but then I thought “There’s kids involved – I can do kids – that’s my area of expertise! I’d want someone to help comfort my girls!” so we got out of the car, grabbed my epic basket full of sensory toys and activities and a picnic rug and rushed to the kids.

Two of the kids were too hurt to play but one beautiful boy was up and moving around so I spread the rug out and invited him to sit with us and play. We spent the next 1-2 hours (no idea how long we were there)on the side of the road playing with him and getting absolutely annihilated by him in every game we challenged him to. We left when the ambulance folks got him up to go with his family to hospital. All the emergency services were absolutely amazing and kind.

This situation got me thinking two things:

1) Bad things happen, but ALWAYS look for the helpers. There are always beautiful people who step in and help. Always.

2) I have a typed up ’emergency contact details’ laminated page for all of us in our car in case we have an accident and have done for years. In emergency situations kids (or anyone) can’t really be relied upon to be actually able to speak so having this on hand allows emergency services to have access to correct critical information quickly.

I have made up a nicer emergency printable for you guys to print, complete and have in your car for your family. Click here to download it.

Sending love to you all, stay safe.

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