Learning at it’s finest

I remember back to grade 9 at school when we were learning about types of rocks – not my favourite subject! Information about rocks is forever cemented in my mind because my genius science teacher, Mr Shyne, knew the concept of full body learning and set us the task of making each type of ‘rock’ out of food – there were layered sedimentary rocks, rocky road ‘conglomerates’ and stacks more! We had a great time and the learning came naturally.Children learn best when they use all their senses. Yes, they can learn by rote and sitting still behind a desk, but which would you prefer? How would you enjoy learning the most?

When teaching or working with your children, use all the senses to concrete learning – say it out loud, move the body, usual visuals or manipulative. By doing this it strengthens the concept in the brain – plus it’s more fun so it’s likely to have a positive emotion attached to the memory.

– learn about layers of the rainforest by doing a colouring in sheet
– go to a rainforest and hike through it talking about the layers, pointing interesting things out and writing a journal entry about the day later with a little illustration.

Which do you think is more memorable?

This is why I LOVE Montessori learning. Montessori uses all the senses to teach not only curriculum but also vital life skills via practical life.

I created Montessori 101 to give parents the tools to assist their children with fun learning and development activities and concepts from birth to 6 years. Yes you read that correctly – birth! Learning never starts too early! Check it out and let me know your thoughts here

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