Parenting perspective shifts and why they are critical

I want to share a story with you that may resonate with you, perhaps your child has experienced the same thing… I was recently remembering back to a time a few years ago when Miss S was at the playground while I sat nearby feeding an infant sized Miss V. 

There was a group of kids (who we didn’t know) playing on a huge disk swing, laughing and calling out to each other and just generally having a rad time. Miss S had stood nearby watching, then started running around the outside of that area laughing and skipping all the while watching the kids who were playing on the swing together.

I watched this continue for a while then Miss S ran over to me and said “Mum, I’m having the best time playing with my friends on the swing!”. She had the hugest smile on her face. I said “That’s so awesome baby! Why don’t you go back and keep playing!”, she then ran off and resumed running around laughing and playing around the periphery.

I remember thinking, oh my gosh, Miss S thinks they are her friends and those kids literally don’t even know she exists. They hadn’t interacted at all. Miss S was just running around the outside of their game. I felt hurt on her behalf, heartbroken that she ‘didn’t matter’ to these kids, incredibly worried that she would go the rest of her life not having any friends and being on the outer all alone, I felt scared for her future. You name it. I was in a vortex of negative feels.

Then I stopped a minute and thought, hang on, this is all on me. None of these projections are real! Miss S is having the time of her life. She’s genuinely happy. It’s only me sitting here and applying my perspective to her experience. She’s having a blast – what does it actually matter, honestly if she’s running around the periphery as long as she’s having the time of her life?

And that was all it took, a simple perspective shift, to change everything. And that’s what I want for you. 

With that in mind… I am beyond thrilled, excited and ecstatic to announce that my epic parenting course specifically designed for parents of autistic children,  Parenting 101: Simple Strategies for Successfully Parenting Autistic Kids and Those Who Don’t Fit in the Box  is now open! 

This course will revolutionise your view about autism, transform your family and household into a peaceful and loving environment and help you reconnect to your child  through proven, practical strategies in just 12 weeks.

I give you so many tools, strategies and also reflective questions to work through (if you choose to), that really examine and then blast away any blocks, old patterns, unhelpful perspectives and negative thoughts. This will really uplevel your mindset to the most beneficial and aligned for both you and your child and the results are literally life changing. I’m not exaggerating. Perspective shifts are literally life changing. I’m living proof of that, as are my two beautiful girls – living their best awesomely autistic lives! 

The regular value of this course is $623 but I’m offering an early bird discount, because what Mama doesn’t love a BARGAIN!!! You can get this course for only $545 for one week only!!! 

Enrol me IMMEDIATELY right!

What are you going to get for your investment? 

✅ 6 fortnightly group coaching sessions delivered via zoom in which you can ask questions specific to your family and dive deeper on the online content. These will be recorded for you to watch and rewatch (or for if you can’t make it to a session).  

✅ Access to a private facebook group community filled with like minded Mamas to share your experiences and bounce ideas off – it is a judgement free zone!! 

✅ Audio recordings of course content for busy mamas on the go (I see you multitasking!)

✅ Lifetime access to the online course content so you can refer back to it whenever you need. 

✅ Practical activities weekly for you to deep dive into your learning and really see big changes in yourself and your family (these are optional and there is no test, I highly recommend you do them though!)

And as if epic EARLY BIRD discounts weren’t enough – you also get amazing BONUSES only available for course members – no one else in the world!!  All bonuses are explained on the website here! How exciting! 

Mama, you really can have:

– a happier, calmer child (yes – reducing or even removing those overwhelming big behaviours – imagine that!)

– a child that is more confident, capable, resilient and is better equipped to make meaningful social connections (friends) in a way that suits them

– a better relationship and understanding of your child

– an improved entire family dynamic as a whole (including the relationship with your partner) 

– a more peaceful, connected and resilient mindset and life

– confidence in yourself and your parenting abilities because you have a truckful of scripts, strategies and back up plans in place to deal with situations as they arise (and even prevent most things before they even happen!)

Mama, you can go from the guilt ridden, shame filled, overwhelming, isolated, confusing and seemingly never ending black hole of parenting as it is now to the high vibe, connected, joyful, peaceful family dynamic you’ve always dreamt of. It’s never too late to shift your family dynamic – it all starts with you Mama, right now! So what are you waiting for? Enrol now – places are limited so I can give you my full attention during group coaching sessions!

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