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Homeschooling is a topic can that raise a lot of questions and certainly a lot of opinions – there’s so many myths and misconceptions out there! Here’s my two cents worth on homeschooling…

I started homeschooling my eldest daughter (10) when it became apparent that she wasn’t thriving in a school environment. Her anxiety grew so large it made her everyday functioning difficult. I thought to myself, why are we doing this? What is actually the point of this? An anxious child doesn’t and actually can’t learn even if they wanted to. The social aspect of school was too much for Miss S to cope with everyday. Even though Miss S attended an absolutely phenomenal Montessori school (who went above and beyond to help and support us and they truly love and cared for Miss S) it just wasn’t worth it. Nothing could be worth being that upset and distressed everyday, right? Sadly this is the case for many children, especially autistic or ADHD children.

Imagine your workplace. Now imagine that you were experiencing some social hardships with your work colleagues (perhaps bullying, being excluded etc). Imagine that this feeling of ‘what’s going to happen next to me’ at work grew into a sense of dread about going. This then affected your ability to actually concentrate on your actual workload so you started slipping behind and this added to your anxiety. Imagine too that your workplace was super loud, super bright and just all round too much for you to take day in day out. How long do you think you’d stay there? Chances are you’d be looking for another job asap or switching careers or transitioning to working from home. If we wouldn’t expect an adult to cop all that 5 days a week, why would we expect a child to?

I’m not saying that all schools are bad. I’m certain there are schools out there that have environments in which children can thrive, but not all children are suited to a schooling environment. You wouldn’t keep spraying fertiliser on a flower that was clearly wilting and dying in a certain position on your windowsill and expecting it to thrive, you’d simply move the flower to a more suitable shady position to help it thrive – you change the environment to suit the flower, not the flower to suit the environment. Same thing with schooling. Follow your child’s needs, advocate for them even if it means going against the norm! And hey, if you are thinking about homeschooling just give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work out so they go back to school? That’s not too bad of a worst case scenario hey?

I recently facilitated a webinar on all things homeschooling. Here is the link to view the replay. Use code Pr9D#g8# if it asks you for one (you guys know I get a bit stumped on tech things but hey I’m improving!).

I also wrote an entire guide on homeschooling! It has everything from the types of homeschooling, benefits, myths, direct links to forms and resources plus much more! Click here to download your copy (It’s FREE).

If you feel like homeschooling is something you want to explore, you need someone to support you through this transition or you need some advice and help to sort out the pros and cons for your child and family, book a one on one consult with me here.

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