Be you and everything that entails. Wear the things (and don’t wear the other things) that align with you. It doesn’t matter what ‘They’ say (and who really is ‘They’ anyway!!), if it fits you, it feels comfortable, you feel confident and blissed out and like you are rocking it – then wear it!!!!!

A great real life example of this happened the other day with Miss S and I when we were clothes shopping. I tried on a few cute bras but they felt like I was being restricted so I ditched all of them. (Side note, I basically have gone without a bra 99% of the time since I had Miss V 4 years ago, and yes I have been professionally fitted). Miss S said to me, “but don’t you need to wear a bra?!” I replied, “why? Who says I have to?”. Miss S thought for a moment then said “but what if you wear something and people can see your boobs through it!?” To which I responded, “well in the scheme of things who cares! I choose what I wear. I am in control of my body and what feels good for me. Right now bras don’t feel good for me so I’m not wearing them. If I feel like wearing one under certain shirts then I will, but only because it feels right to me, not because of what others say I should/shouldn’t be doing!”. A female employee heard this and looked genuinely surprised, then thoughtful before agreeing with me.

If bras feel right to you (physically, emotionally and mentally) then wear them! Rock those bras mama! If they don’t, then don’t!

Align with your values and beliefs and shed any old expectations and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. You do you, mama, and what a fantastic role model for your children you are!

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