Kids and moving houses

Moving house when you have little ones can be a stressful time. People often underestimate the amount of stress it causes in the children as well. Even moving the layout of a room in your house can cause upset. This is due to it upsetting your little ones sense of safety, security and ‘anchor points’ if you like. Our little ones with high needs such as autism etc can get especially affected due to changes to routine, increased new people in/out of the house and the noise of it all (all of which are triggers for my girls)

To minimise this, explain in advance about moving house (or layout) and get them involved in age appropriate activities such as packing a box of their toys, picking a new cover for their bed, dusting the furniture off etc. Taking your little ones to see the new house prior to the move helps to streamline the process even more. It may be helpful to read books about moving house and do pretend play with them about moving houses.

On moving day be sure to have heaps of snacks readily accessible for them. Perhaps take a little rug and new activities that they can sit in one spot where you can keep an eye on them and play. Ideally if you can get someone who’s specific responsibility is to look after the kids that’s even better – it allows you to just focus on the move. I recommend setting up your child’s bedroom and play area as number one priority before any other area of the house.

Moving house can be stressful, but let’s make it as less stress as possible!

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