Create a life that suits YOU and YOUR family

Who says you have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday and only have 2 days off??!! Why should your children go to school 5 full days a week? Who said?!

If that works for you and lights you up – fantastic! Keep doing it!

If not, make the change! Ask for 4 longer days at work so you can have the 5th off. Change careers. Start your own biz! Modify your child’s schooling (homeschool – there’s so many different ways, do distance learning, go to an alternative school or simply reduce the days your child attends school if their well-being calls for it). Make little changes that work towards living your best life!

I have created my own business that lights me up and allows me to choose my hours around my girls and my life. It fits ME!

Miss S attended school part time, because that’s what she needed. Her school was amazing and supportive. Miss S then started homeschooling as it became apparent that is what she needed. Miss V attends school full time as that is what she needs. It’s all individual!

Contact me if you are ready to create a life that suits you and lights you up. I am here to support you and boost you to the next level! You ready, Goddess?!

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