Boost your health naturally (and some sneaky academics for the kiddos)!

In our household we always turn to natural alternatives first. Medications and the healthcare system absolutely have their place but for us they are not our number one go to. 

We utilise healthy organic eating, movement (walks, bike riding, hiking, yoga etc), probiotics, supplements via our naturopath, regular chiropractic care, acupuncture for me and using essential oils (doTerra are the best in my opinion). 

We use our oils for insect bites, grazes and bumps, coughs and colds, as cleaning products and for our mental health. I also use them instead of perfumes. So many people are unaware of the healing benefits of these beauties or dismiss it as woo woo nonsense. It certainly is not woo woo nonsense, people have been using plant medicine for healing for thousands of years!

One of the main oils we use is Helichrysum. Every first aid kit needs this. Even if you aren’t usually into oil or think natural remedies are a bit ‘woo woo’ – you still need this oil.

Helichrysum reduces bruising, helps cuts heal and helps slow bleeding from wounds.

Picture one shows V’s bruise. I put 1 drop of helichrysum on it.
Picture 2 shows V’s bruise the next morning. Basically gone!

It really works! This oil is a bit more pricey than most, but considering you only need 1-2 drops at most it lasts FOREVER!!!

It’s no use waiting until you or your family have an injury and thinking “I wish I had that oil that Mands was banging on about!” – it’s something you need to already have on hand ready to use.

Because I use natural elements as our first port of call, the girls now use the oils themselves when they need to, which is fantastic! I often hear  “mum I need lavender to help me calm down!” or “I need Digestzen because I have a pain” or “My cut is bleeding, I need some helichrysum!”. Oils work for us and so many others. 

Oils have academic and educational benefits too. By utilising these beauties it also sneaks in some fine motor work opening the lids, it is direct maths work when it comes to ratios when mixing oils. It is science when the girls are experimenting and inferencing when mixing new scents for the diffuser (you guys know I’m all about life skills for my girls!). So many benefits and uses – I bet you’d never thought of oils as educational learning tools! If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me – I’m actually a DoTerra Wellness Advocate and can hook you up with these amazing plant medicines if you would like!

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