‘Having’ autism vs ‘being autistic’

For us we take the viewpoint that autism isn’t something to be ‘had’ it’s something we ‘are’.

This changes the perspective from the more negative something ‘had’, (a disorder/disease/disability etc) to something that in our view is a superpower, amazing and part of the very identity (with some challenges, yes).

This may also be heard to be expressed as ‘people with autism’ vs ‘autistic people’. Subtle wording change but powerful difference.

It is entirely at the individual’s own discretion as to how they view autism and to how they want to be referred. And that is ok.

For the girls, they ARE autistic. They ARE powerful. They ARE unique. They own it, accept it, love it and are proudly autistic. Positive vibes to the max.

I will discuss this in more depth in my upcoming online webinar on Autism (time tbc). If you would like to register your interest please send me an email to amanda.lee.consulting@gmail.com to be notified of when this webinar will be released.

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