Your kids deserve a happy Mama

Mama, you absolutely cannot give your little ones the best of yourself if you aren’t topped up on self care and happiness. You just can’t. You cannot pour from an empty cup as they say. Your kids deserve a happy mama so here’s how to level up!

Ask yourself, what is the one  thing I love to do that makes me truly, deeply happy? The next step is DO IT! No excuses Mama, make it happen!

So what makes you the happiest? What are the current obstacles standing in the way of you doing that thing, and how can you minimize or eradicate those? What a fantastic role model you are showing your kids that happiness and fulfilment is important! Think of how much more easily you will be able to cope with any speedbumps or challenges in your life if you are beaming positivity and happiness from being topped up by doing the things you love!

I asked myself the same question and the answer was dance. It’s literally the only thing I can do that completely calms my mind and fills my entire being with not only happiness but bliss. I have done various forms of dance my entire life, both competitive, performance and for fun but I hadn’t put on a pair of dance shoes and gone to the studio since I was 6 weeks pregnant with Miss V – so since January 2017! I made it a priority to book in and go! 

Going is not an easy feat – it’s incredibly expensive, it’s about a half day round trip for the 45 minute session due to how far away I now live, arranging babysitting for the girls etc but the logistics are worth it. I could go to a local studio or do a group class but that’s not good enough to truly, completely light me up. So no excuses, I went! 

I may not have had great ‘technique’ so to speak, but my body remembered pretty much everything as I waltzed, tangoed, rumba’ed, foxtrotted and cha cha’ed around the floor with the most amazing dancer in the entire universe (in my opinion and you won’t change my mind!). The magical feeling of floating around with him stuck with me for hours and hours later. I made a pledge to myself  to make it a top priority to book every few months – because this mama bear deserves it and my girls deserve a happy mama! 

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