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Celebrate the little wins and the little things

Case in point, Miss V layered her clothes! This is a big deal to us – a massive win and a huge step forward for her! V being autistic with loads of sensory sensitivities, became very fixated on the types of clothes she would/wouldn’t wear (plain, almost always no pattern, no dark colours, light fabrics like cotton or bamboo, no frills etc – but one tutu was ok?????!!!). Miss V wouldn’t wear jumpers over her clothes or put blankets on, so as it got colder it became an issue. I had to put cotton long tops inside jumpers out of sight and then put them on in one go etc – to try a jumper on with fleece took months alone. But on this occasion Miss V was willing to try a dressing gown on (fluffy AND layers) and is loving it!!!! Previously on cold mornings Miss V would sit shivering with a heat pack on her lap and air con set onto hot to get warm – dressing gown is so much easier! Next step is to try for jackets over her outfits outside! Hooray to celebrating the small things!