Having ‘one of those days’? Here’s how to reset

Sometimes when you are having one of ‘Those Days’ where the little ones are going crazy and everything is going wrong and you are feeling overwhelmed (aka you are out of alignment), you need to take a deep breath and think about YOU. Yes, YOU, not the little ones. 

It is impossible to be connected and fill up anyone’s love tank if yours is empty. I know that I have myself in this situation too. Amongst the craziness when I was just about to cross the threshold into Losing It, I stopped. I thought what do I need? What would make ME happy right now? I felt like I needed to be near the ocean, so I bundled the girls into the car and headed for our favourite local beach. The minute we got there I instantly felt better. The girls played in the park, we looked for dolphins and ate (kind of healthy) takeaway while watching the sun set. Bliss! Needless to say, my mood improved and the girls calmed and peace reigned supreme in our household again. In the moment, deep breathe, tune in to you and what would make you feel less triggered in the moment. A change of scenery usually does the trick!

Don’t be afraid to do things for YOU. YOU are important and you matter, a happy you makes for happy little ones!  You are important, Mama. 

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