“Clutter is nothing more postponed decisions.” – Declutter and Simplify!

Let go of all the clutter that no longer serves you. Clutter could be physical – too much ‘stuff’ in your home around you. Clutter could also be too much technology, too many social commitments, too much on your mind and too many toys (adults and kids alike!). Simplify your life!

Be intentional with what you have in your home and life. Let go of anything that doesn’t fill you with happiness or that doesn’t have a purpose.

Let go of anything that:

🌻has broken/missing parts

🌻no longer fits you/your children NOW (obviously if you are pregnant don’t ditch your pre pregnancy clothes, and do keep a reasonable amount of ‘too big’ clothes for growing kids!)

🌻is uncomfortable in any way (only keep clothes/items that you feel FABULOUS in)

🌻you haven’t used in over a year

🌻you do not have physical space for

🌻 you have multiples of (1 or 2 spares are ok – you do not need 16 bottles of shampoo!)

Life is too short to have it filled with clutter! Reducing clutter allows for flow, ease and grace – and more space!

Did you know that I help families simplify, declutter and organise (and ‘Montessori’) their homes to be more aligned with their best lives?! I love it! I can do in-home consults (North Brisbane and lower Sunshine Coast, Australia) or by video call to help get you started! Contact me if you are ready to de-clutter and have more flow!

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