Good morning Lovelies

Hi mamas! Thank you for joining me, I am so honoured that you are here. I share content, information and inspiration on topics relating to self work, family life, Montessori, Autism and simple intentional living.

If you are new to my world, here is a little bit about me- I am a single mama of two beautiful girls both of which possess the superpower of being autistic (and therefore amazing obviously!). I am so passionate about helping mamas to become their favourite versions of themselves and live a high vibe life (which includes assisting them to declutter and simplify their homes). I am also passionate about helping families who are having a hard time dealing with aspects of parenting (eg children having tantrums, interrupting/nagging, behavioural issues etc), providing mentoring and support for families with neurodiverse children (eg ADHD, ADHD etc), helping them to implement strategies in the home, making changes to the home physical environment etc.

I am a qualified Montessori educator so I help families who want to simplify and ‘Montessori’ their home or provide demonstrations of the philosophy. Helping families is my life purpose and lights me up and energises me. It’s my way of making little positive changes in the world.

My other loves include anything to do with the beach, rainforests and secret water holes – I couldn’t live away from the beach I don’t think! We frequently drive to random places and have picnics no matter the weather (in the boot of the car with fairy lights if it happens to be raining hard!). I like going on hikes, horse riding, ice skating and ballroom dancing although I don’t seem to fit these things in as much as I’d like!I care very much for the environment and our affect on it. We lived in a tiny house on wheels that was off grid in the side paddock of my parent’s property on the Sunshine Coast. Our tinies were built by Aussie Tiny Houses and has bought so much joy to our lives. We are currently in the process of building a cabin in the same spot to continue the simple, intentional, natural lifestyle that appeals to us.

That’s about me I think! I feel so honoured when you share my content or when I get your positive feedback that you’ve tried xyz that I’ve suggested and it works for you! Remember to join my mailing list to be notified when new posts go live and for extra bits of awesomeness that I send your way.

Thank you for stopping by! Mands 💗

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