Helping you to overcome parenting challenges and
enabling you to put your health, happiness and family first.

Sometimes when you are in the thick of it, you can’t see the forest for the trees and everything can feel overwhelming and unending.

I am here to help you and get you back on track with everything from the ‘minor (but no less frustrating)’ bumps in the road to scaling some big mountain parenting challenges!

I am open, honest and non-judgmental.

I can help guide you not only from a ‘professional’ standpoint, but I am a parent myself so I’ve been there (and am still there!).

I use elements of Montessori Methodology, Simplicity Parenting, Circle of Security Attachment Parenting and PPP (Positive Parenting Program) philosophies to tailor my approach to each individual family.

If anyone has superpowers — it’s Amanda — she navigates the life-with-children and all its curveballs, with focus, clarity and grace. She provides practical and straightforward advice, making the job of parenting a whole lot more manageable. She cuts to the chase, so you are not overwhelmed with advice “fluff”. Love my sessions with her!

Megan Carter

Highly recommend Amanda. She has helped us no end with navigating some challenging behaviours with our 4 year old who has difficulty regulating emotions. She is gifted at what she does, passionate and has exceptional understanding of child development. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sami May