Helping you to live your most aligned life and
enabling you to put your health, happiness and family first.

Do you long for a beautiful, connected, blissed out life for your family – it’s more than achievable – it’s the life you’re meant to have!

Let go of the groundhog day and the overwhelm of the daily grind – life doesn’t have to be that way!

Ditch those limiting beliefs that held you back! Ditch those old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you! Ditch the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ and lean into your goals, dreams and biggest desires because they ARE possible!

I am here to help you to open the door and step into the life that you deserve! To help you to discover your hidden potential and become the best version of yourself!

Are you as excited as I am, because I am PUMPED! Follow the links below to learn more about me and how exactly I can help you change life as you know it and truly level up your reality!

I cannot wait to empower you and help you shed your old skin and step into this life as the powerful, successful and aligned goddess that you are!

If anyone has superpowers — it’s Amanda — she navigates the life-with-children and all its curveballs, with focus, clarity and grace. She provides practical and straightforward advice, making the job of parenting a whole lot more manageable. She cuts to the chase, so you are not overwhelmed with advice “fluff”. Love my sessions with her!

Megan Carter

Highly recommend Amanda. She has helped us no end with navigating some challenging behaviours with our 4 year old who has difficulty regulating emotions. She is gifted at what she does, passionate and has exceptional understanding of child development. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sami May